Jamie Anderson

Jamie Anderson

Jamie has over 15 years experience in TV, theatre and film.

As a performer he has worked on “Harry Potter”, “The Dark Knight Rises”, “The Golden Compass” and was also a featured skin performer & puppeteer in “Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens”.

As a stage and production manager he has toured the country, the UAE and Hong Kong with “Ministry of Science:LIVE!” As well as working with events agency The Ministry of Fun, where he has worked closely with CRUK on their Pretty Muddy events.

Jamie has spent the last few years being technical operator and DSM on tour with MT-Productions and Channel 5 on their show “Milkshake Live: The Magic Storybook tour”.

He happily lives in Wales with his wife Emma and their two dogs, Summer and Millie.

Emma Anderson

Emma Anderson

Emma has over 15 years experience in TV, theatre and film.

As a performer she has graced the stage of the London Palladium and worked with the BBC for many years.

As a choreographer she has worked with some of the UK’s top tribute bands and choreographed many pantomimes all over the UK. She will be putting Shayne Lynch through his paces this year as she is assistant director aswell as choreographer of “Aladdin” in Portsmouth.

She successfully runs her own dance school in Newport, “Defying Gravity Academy”.

Emma happily lives in South Wales with her husband Jamie and their two dogs, Millie and Summer.

Esther Featherstone

Esther Featherstone

Esther has over 20 years experience in TV, theatre and film.

As a performer and choreographer she worked with the BBC and ITV for 12 years which included playing Bella on the hit series the “Tweenies” and choreographing for the ITV series “Fun Song Factory”.

As an agent she successfully ran her own agency Arts Management with partners Leah and Karen for 5 years.

She currently runs her own companies Swoove Fitness and Inspiracle and is incredibly excited about Anderstone Productions.

Esther happily lives in Sussex with her husband Marc and lively son Noah.

Marc Featherstone

Marc Featherstone

Marc has over 20 years experience in TV, theatre and film.

As an AFM he has worked with the BBC and ITV including the hit childrens series the “Tweenies” and “Fimbles”.

He has been a company stage manager for over 10 years and has worked on channel 5’s “Milkshake Live”, “Night Garden Live” and “Guinness World Records Live”.

Marc has begun to work in Production Management on shows such as channel 5’s “Milkshake Monkey’s Musical”, “Aladdin” with Shayne Lynch, and “The Horsham Year of Culture”.

His international experiences include six years working for the Abu Dhabi Festival as well as working on Brainiac Live in Dubai and Australia.

Marc happily lives in Sussex with his wife Esther, his son Noah and his 5 chickens!